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Dry cement premixes in PE film

SIX STATION FFS bagger CONTINUAConcetti has recently supplied a multi-station ‘Continua’ tubular FFS system for cement premixes to Volteco Italia, a specialist provider of waterproofing solutions for the construction industry.

The new line takes advantage of the latest developments in PE film technology coupled with Concetti’s advanced tubular Form, Fill Seal systems to package these cementitious premixes in secure, clean, colourful and well presented bags that can release excess air but still safely be stored outside without detriment to the product.

These new FFS systems will appeal to cementitious premix producers who are increasingly bringing new products to world markets for specialised uses in building and construction.

Concetti will exhibit at MVC Russia

MVCJanuary will be the month dedicated to Russian marketplace. Concetti is pleased to announce its participation at “MVC: Cereals – Mixed Feed – Veterinary - 2017” taking place from January the 31st till February the 2nd, 2017, Moscow. The event is considered the largest professional forum in Russia where experts gather to share and exchange new ideas and knowledge.

Concetti sales team would be pleased to present our latest packaging products.

To schedule an appointment, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Concetti supplied an innovative automatic bagging line of precipitated amorphous silica

Concetti Group is pleased to announce that it has designed, made and successfully tested the first automatic bagging line of precipitated amorphous silica for J.M. Huber Corporation. The excellent engineering and technological level reached by the Concetti in almost 100 years of technological history and the tests accuracy have ensured a high level production performance.


Below is the press release issued by Huber Corporation


Huber Engineered Materials, a division of J.M. Huber Corporation, announces the launch of a new packaging concept implemented at its Havre de Grace, Maryland (U.S.), precipitated amorphous silica production facility.

Huber Silica Recyclable Polyethylene Bagging and FillingThe innovative, multi-million dollar packaging system replaces paper bags with a conversion to more robust polyethylene bags. The improved bags offer stronger tensile strength, minimization of nuisance dust and greater control of moisture to maintain the integrity of the material inside. Elimination of trapped air within each bag yields excellent stacking for more stable pallets during shipment, unloading, and warehousing. The new packaging is also easily recyclable which is integral to Huber's commitment to sustainability.

"Our investment in this area is in direct response to increasing customer and regulatory needs for stronger and more secure packaging," says Jon Fecteau, Global Director of Product Management for Huber's Silica Business Unit. "Not only do the polyethylene bags offer superior performance, they also provide increased printing and labeling options. We are pleased to be able to provide this best in market option for many of our high quality silica products."

The new packaging platform is being introduced systematically across the globe with equipment in place for select production facilities in the European and Americas regions, with the intention to introduce in Asia in 2017.

Huber is a global leader in precipitated silica with seven manufacturing sites strategically located across North America, Europe and Asia.


Huber Materials website

Pet food industy "Open House" on September

We would like to invite you to the Concetti Headquarter in Bastia Umbra (Perugia), Italy, for the "Pet food open house days", in early September.

We would be please to present our latest packaging machines:

  • Complete bagging system based on IPF 40 with two bagging spout and multi-head weigher feeding system for bags from 0,3 to 4,0 Kg with double heatsealing closure systems adjustable in height. Capacity up to 1750 bags/hr
  • Complete bagging system based on IGF 1200 with weigher NET/N belt feeding system for bags from 2,0 to 20,0 Kg with double heatsealing closure systems adjustable in height. Capacity up to 900 bags/hr
  • Four Column Robot Palletiser featuring a unique side and top layer compacting device. Capacity up to 1800 bags/hr

More information about Pet Food Industry

Bagging & bulk bag filling system combined

To replace an existing weighing, bagging and palletising system without enlarging or modifying the plant can sometimes be a challenge but it also represents an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Concetti of Bastia, Umbria, Italy recently supplied just such a turnkey solution combining a fully automatic bagging system IGF600 designed for woven PP open mouth bags and a bulk bag filling system to a South American manufacturer of pig and cattle feed.

The customer had requested a high quality bagging solution, robust, reliable and flexible, but adapted to the tight space already available in the plant and capable of filling both 25 kg bags (55lb) and 800-1000 kg (1700-2200lb) bulk bags, required by the local market.

Filling System for Bags and Big Bag

The technical solution offered by Concetti spa has optimized the space, to make the most of the selected machinery, in addition to reducing the capital investment. The installation, for example, uses a single net weigher, meeting the requirement of the customer to have two bagging solutions with a single complete line.

Wheighing: Dosing is by net weight scale NET / N – one for both filling machines - and a conveyor belt. The product is weighed in a separate weigh hopper and is then discharged into the bag, or, alternatively, deposited on a conveyor belt linked to the bulk bag filling station, with multiple weighments making up the 1000Kg load.

Bags: The sacks are filled by a fully automatic IGF 600, specifically designed to handle PE readymade open-mouth bags. Capacity up to 600 bags / hour, depending on the fluidity and type of the product. Concetti supplied the line complete with a PS-3A four-column robot palletiser.

Bulk bags or Fibcs: The big bag filling station has a capacity up to 8-10 big bags per hour and requires the presence of an operator to fit the bag mouth to the bag-spout, close it and remove it with a forklift when filled.

The Concetti pet food lines handle any pack weight

fully automatic IMF petfoodThe European dry pet food market is a sophisticated and highly competitive one, with a wide and constantly expanding range of packaging formats, especially at plants supplying own-label products to other brand owners. Unless a manufacturer invests in several different and expensive packaging systems, a single line must be capable, not only of managing the widest possible range but also be future proofed with the ability to adapt to new bag weights, types and sizes according to changing market demands.

The Concetti pet food lines handle any pack weight between 0.3 - 5kg or 1,5 - 20Kg using open mouth bags made from paper, coated woven polypropylene, PE and aluminium foil, with and without handles or closable zip, with easy opening features, stabilos and so on. All bag sizes, within the limits of the machine, can be handled giving the maximum opportunity to exploit almost every sector of the dry pet food market. Bags can be heat sealed or sewn closed as required. In addition to pre-made bags, the line has a form-fill-seal capability and can produce bags from low cost continuous reels of tubular PE film giving the user the possibility of long production runs without the need to constantly replenishing the bag magazine.

Among others, Befood in Italy, a manufacturer of high quality dry pet food on behalf of third parties (private label), had a very wide range of packaging formats, so Concetti supplied two highly flexible bagging lines, that allows the entire range to be bagged and palletized easily and successfully. All bag sizes, within the limits of the machine, can be handled giving Befood the maximum opportunity to exploit almost every sector of the dry pet food market.
Other Concetti customers are Nova Foods, Bosch Tiernahrung, Maxipet, Cambrian Pet Foods.

Watch our machines at work on YOU TUBE!

Fine powder bagging with Concetti

The Concetti Group is pleased to announce their participation at the Powtech exhibition, taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, from 19 to 21 April 2016, Hall 1 Stand 612.
This year's highlights include the successful IGF bagging machine range for various types of pre-made bags and the renowned CONTINUA for FFS bags. Both models feature innovative devices allowing fast and accurate dosing and filling of powders, including those that are extremely fine, highly aerated and difficult to handle.

  • Very light powders (below 0,1 kg/l), producing bags as long as 130 cm
  • Fine powders, featuring many devices to guarantee product safety, a clean environment and producing compact, airtight and easy to palletise bags
  • Flour, with a MAP system for flushing inert nitrogen into the bags and so prolonging the product freshness and shelf life
  • Cement, featuring six linear bagging stations for product de-aeration and bag compaction, designed to use standard PE tubular film, instead of costly films with venting systems
  • Corrosive products such as caustic soda/potash in flakes or prills.

CONCETTI Exibition

Concetti also offers combinations of the two machine types able to handle both premade and FFS bags. The product range is completed by a wide range of palletisers from single column robots to high speed, high level layer machines.

The Concetti Group partners with Bratney Companies in the USA

Bastia Umbra, Italy – May 15, 2015

The renowned Concetti Group, innovator and manufacturer of the world's most prominent weighing, packaging, and palletizing equipment announced today the newly formed partnership with Bratney Companies of Des Moines, IA.


Bratney Companies specializes in providing packaging, processing and conditioning solutions to its customers in the agricultural market, including design-engineering, construction of turn-key facilities, equipment service, and preventative maintenance. Bratney offers turn-key packaging and palletizing lines for products and commodities from seed, grain, animal feed, pet food, and milled materials, to edibles such as dried beans, nuts, and rice from the field to market.

The addition of Bratney Companies' staff of sales managers, designers, engineers, equipment specialists and service technicians supported by our subsidiary, Concetti North America Corporation based in metro Atlanta, positions our group to offer professional sales services, commissioning expertise, after-sales technical support, and local spare parts.

"We feel this partnership fits perfectly with our existing network of distributors, representatives, and agents across North America and the USA in particular. With the addition of Bratney Companies, we are now a 400 employees-strong structure providing services in all 50 states with locations strategically positioned throughout the USA to supply unprecedented sales services and technical support to existing and new customers.
Bratney Companies' dedication to customer service, history of innovation, and culture of integrity is a perfect fit for the long-held values of the Concetti Group. We believe that this alignment will provide a very strong foundation for many years of future success." says Teodoro Concetti.

As Concetti Group, we bring nearly 100 years of combined plant, design, and packaging experience to our customer industries in over 60 countries around the world. The next generation Concetti family managers, Riccardo, Emanuele, and Francesco plan to continue the Concetti Group's long history of design and production while continuing to offer stability, reliability, and customer satisfaction the group is renowned for!

Flexibility is the key for Cambrian Pet Foods

It's not only pets that have an appetite for dried petfoods. Some packaging machine suppliers also have a taste for this highly competitive and ever changing business. In 2010 when Cambrian Petfoods, a leading independent manufacturer of petfoods needed to expand packaging capacity at their Pencader plant, they selected Concetti as the supplier of a complete line from weigher to wrapped and finished pallet.


Cambrian produce an assortment of standard, premium and super premium dog and cat food in various formats and needed additional capacity in the 1.5 to 15Kg sizes using premade paper, coated paper, PE and Alum-PE bags. The line was also required to fill PE bags made from a tubular reel, a feature that Concetti offer as a standard option.

Above all, Cambrian required flexibility in the range of pack sizes and the ability to handle different types of bag and closure methods which were vital if the petfood manufacturer was to meet the widest possible present and future demands of this complex market.

Closure methods required included simple sewing, heat sealing and pinch top. Concetti were able to provide all of these in a single IGF 1200 machine together with a self-adhesive labeller for the empty bags and a ticket applicator feeding into the sewing head. The result, installed and commissioned in July 2011, is one of the most advanced and flexible petfood packing systems in the country.



Kemira Chemicals (UK) LTD


It only seems like yesterday when Kemira Chemicals (UK) Ltd first contacted the Concetti Group for ideas and inspiration to increase production combined with greater efficiency and reliability for their automated 25kg weighing and bag filling lines.

Kemira Chemicals are a global 2 billion euro water chemistry company serving customers in water intensive industries, the Bradford site specialising in the production of dry polyacrylamide most commonly used for water treatment and paper making.

The existing packaging lines were old fashioned, limited in packing speeds and problematic with little or no support available. Following product trials conducted in the Concetti test facility and laboratory in 2007, the Concetti Group was awarded with the supply of the innovative CONTINUA Tubular FFS machine designed for handling very demanding products and powders. Now in 2012, Kemira have installed the fourth Continua line completing the program of upgrades to their bagging systems.

The product handling starts with the Concetti electronic net gravity fed weigher designed for handling free flowing powders. In the bag filling industry, the weighers integrated are dynamic in operation meaning the product handled is fed and weighed simultaneously into a hopper prior to discharge into the bag (net weighing). Due to this dynamic operation, although the design of the weighing mechanism is important, and can influence the final performance of the weigher in terms of speed and accuracy, the most vital consideration should be focused on the weigher feed system and control philosophy. Careful analyses should be given to the materials to be handled, their characteristics such as bulk density, particle size, flowability and fluidisation in deciding the most suitable feed device.


The feed system controls the product from the feed hopper into the weighing machine. The product must be under total control throughout the weighing cycle, most commonly 2 stage feed for main and minor feed, (progressive feed is also available for high speeds using brushless motors). The final product feed cut-off must be carefully engineered and accurately controlled, mainly due to the product feed and "in-flight" material. Control of the feed rate is paramount to enable the "in flight" material to be consistent throughout, should this become erratic or variable, accurate weighing is impossible.

The weigher chosen for Kemira Chemicals was the Concetti net gravity designed for handling free flowing granules and powders, feed gates radial in construction with teflon coated contact parts and featuring internal adjustments to control the feed rates in both main and minor feed cycles.

The unrivalled performance of the Concetti weigher was demonstrated with the final test results showing an accuracy of less than 8gr sigma 1 (68% of weighments within +/- 7.5gr of the 25kg target weight).


The Concetti CONTINUA bag filling machine positioned underneath the weigher is a Tubular FFS (Form Fill Seal) designed to produce bags formed from a tube of plastic and wound into a reel. Continua is a special machine designed for handling a huge variety of demanding products including fluid powders, abrasive construction materials, corrosive granules/flakes and free flowing petro-chemical plastics.

Continua is available with many features that can be applied to specific applications such as product de-aeration probes, special coatings for product contact surfaces, bag compacting, residual air evacuation, upper edge seal area cleaning, seal cooling and inert gas purging (MAP). Dust problems are confined to history with our new generation of bag holders guaranteeing a dust and spillage free operation.

To increase the bag stability and shape, Continua also features the K-Sealing option, creating a block style bag perfect for palletising highly presentable, safe and compact loads.

For Kemira Chemicals, the accurately filled, clean, stable and square shaped bags are presented to the existing palletiser system, another example of the success of Concetti Group technology.

Dave Goult, Site Manager of Kemira Chemicals (UK) Ltd says "Concetti Continua performance and plant availability through their commitment to the highest levels of professional service made the choice for investment an obvious one. I would have no hesitation in recommending Concetti packaging machinery to anyone thinking of installing or upgrading a packaging facility".


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