Net Weighing Systems

Bulk Bag Fillers with Net Weighing System

Concetti's net weight bulk bag weighing and filling systems are designed for high and medium speed applications and can reach a speed of 180 big bags per hour, depending on the level of automation. The products that allow the highest outputs are those that are stable, granular and free-flowing.

Tailor made weighing and filling systems for bulk bags / FIBCs

Concetti manufactures tailor made weighing and filling systems for bulk bags / FIBCs, with different levels of automation, depending on the needs of customers. The filling station integrates certified scales that weigh the product precisely and accurately. The bulk material, once weighed in the weighing hopper, is discharged directly into the bag.

The filled bulk bag is conveyed by belt/roller, with/without pallets. If the use of the pallet is required, the plant can be equipped with an automatic empty pallet dispenser.

With Concetti plants it is possible to process big bags with different loading options, including:

  • Infeed spout
  • Total bottom opening
  • Filling valve

and with different types of lifting loops (single loop or multi loop types). These systems are suitable not only for filling big bags, but also octabins (agri-bins or bulk boxes), proving to be flexible and adaptable to different needs.

Easy to clean and accessible bulk bag weighing and filling system

To facilitate cleaning operations, the bulk bag net weighers are equipped with an elevated platform from which the operator can reach the scale easily and safely.

In the case of aggressive and corrosive products, Concetti provides 100% stainless steel solutions with a very long life and highly customized solutions, thanks to precise design that takes into account all customer needs, without compromise. The aim is to guarantee the best performance with the lowest costs.

The big bag fillers of the Concetti range have various options that can be added on customer request for a tailor-made product totally suited to their needs.

Specifically, the bulk bag fillers can be equipped with:

  • Air inflation system to facilitate the opening of the big bags
  • Vibrating platform to facilitate the settling of the product inside the big bags
  • Dust suction unit
  • Semi-automatic and automatic welding
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic sewing
  • Binding
  • Stacking multiple big-bags on a single pallet
  • Labelling and printing
  • Metal Detector
  • Manual or automatic big bag evacuation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Certifications for potentially explosive areas

With more than 45 years of experience in the industrial packaging sector, we develop tailor-made solutions, even for the most difficult products. Contact us for a personalized consultation!



Production  180 b/h
Big bag height  900 - 2000 mm
Operating system   PLC
Power supply   380 V- 50 Hz
Compressed-air consumption   20 Nl/cycle
Big bag type  2 , 4 risers, candy-like or full mouth


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