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Automatic bagging machine manufacturers


Concetti is a specialist in manufacturing automatic bagging machines. Our bagging product portfolio covers automatic open-mouth bagging machines, bulk bagging machines, form, fill and seal machines as well as bulk bag filling machines. 

We know how important it is for our clients to rely on a single bag packing machine supplier who can offer complete system integration for turnkey projects. Our automatic bagging machines are suited for a wide variety of industries, such as food, feed, seed and crop, chemicals, minerals, fertilizers, etc. Concetti is a point of contact for your weighing, bagging, palletizing and depalletizing systems.


Our automatic bagging machine’s series

We are a world leader in providing solutions in the area of filling dry bulk materials into bags of all types.We provide machines for weighing and bagging, up to complete reliable and durable lines that require very little maintenance. Each bagging solution is unique and customized, the result of close cooperation with the customer.


weighing bagging scalesWeighing bagging scales

Concetti is a manufacturer of automatic bagging, weighing, and feeding machines for a wide range of applications. We offer certified technology for fast, accurate and hygienic weighing. Our range includes net and gross weighers with different product feeding systems: gravity, belt, screw or dual feed. We also offer a range of mini weighers for bagging small sizes. 


form fill seal baggersForm, Fill and Seal baggers

Concetti is a leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of automatic form fill and seal bagging machines made from polyethylene tubular reels. Automatic FFS bagging machines can work without interruption on continuous production. The main applications of form fill and seal bagging machines are in the petrochemical, fertilizer, and cement industries. 


open mouth bagging machinesOpen-mouth bagging machines

Concetti manufactures fully-automatic machines for filling and sealing open-mouth bags. Automatic open-mouth bagging machines are fast and compact and can fit any type of new or existing production plant. They have an automatic format changeover, which stands out for their reliability, durability, and versatility. They are used for packaging almost all types of solid and bulk products.


bulk bag filling machineBulk bag filling machine

We manufacture high-precision automatic and semi-automatic machines for weighing and filling bulk bags, suitable for any type of product: powders, pellets, chemicals, and cementitious products. Depending on the type of product to be bagged, an automatic bulk bag filling machine can belong to two different categories:

  • Gross weighing systems 
  • Net weighing systems


Complete packaging lines




Concetti provides complete automatic bagging lines with the goal of increasing productivity. We manufacture technologically advanced complete lines with high-quality construction for weighing, bagging and palletizing bulk products in bags, and boxes. Switching from one production to another can be done in about 60 seconds thanks to the fully automated system. Concetti's machinery and complete lines are Industry 4.0-ready and can be interconnected to systems in customers' plants.


Concetti North America Corporation

The Concetti North America Corporation’s team has built on the technical expertise of the company, which has been in the market since 1975. It provides manufacturers with solid experience in bagging the most difficult bulk materials by identifying innovative, reliable, customized technological solutions. In the U.S., Concetti is one of the top manufacturers of automatic bagging machines and is a partner of Bratney Companies (Iowa) for the agricultural and feed industry. It has a professional sales network throughout the United States for the following industries: chemical, fertilizer, mining, plastics and polymers, cement and building materials, and salt and sugar. 

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