Cat Litter

Cat litter: fast and safe with Concetti Group 

The Concetti Group manufactures highly performing complete packaging lines for cat litter, our completely automatic packaging lines can really give a significant rush to any company active in this field, as we have seen several times in the past, reaching up to a maximum capacity of  2400 bags/hour.

Thanks to our technological flexibility, we have obtained outstanding results both treating mineral-based cat litter (bentonite and derivatives) and the newly-introduced vegetal-based cat litter (based on wooden pellets and residuals of wood)

Since this product is normally measured by litres and not by kilograms, the bagging machines are normally fed by a volumetric fed dosing system, loaded by gravity or by belt, depending on the product physical characteristics.

The product is conveyed to a double spout high velocity IPF bagging class machine: in case a high production capacity is required, we can fit this bagging machine with a double bagging spout and make it capable of picking up two bags at the time and placing them under the spouts; the pre-made bags used for cat litter, ranging from 5 to 20 litres, are normally made of multi-layer or poly-coated paper; they can be closed by stitching, heat-sealing or by reactivation of the glue on the bag top and can be fitted with handles if needed.

In spite of the system velocity, the bags are all picked up, firmly held, filled and closed without any bending, twisting, tearing or falling thanks to the special Concetti Group bag picking and clamping devices.

Once the bags are closed, they are conveyed to a palletiser: for the very high productions indicated above the Concetti Group reference model is a fed-from-above push-type palletiser (PS-AA/40S), but this family of bags can be brilliantly picked and placed by our palletising robots (PS-4A/15S-A), that can even pick up two bags at a time.