Concetti has won the Kolon Basf packaging supplier award

There is also the packaging technology of Concetti in the largest production plant in the world of POM. Kolon Basf innoPOM has inaugurated its new polyoxymethylene (POM) production plant in Korea. The new production with a capacity of 70,000 tonnes/year, combined with Kolon Plastics’s existing POM production capacity of 80,000 tonnes/year, creates the world’s largest POM production facility, with a total annual capacity of 150,000 tonnes/year. POM resins are engineering plastics used in complex and highly durable components.

Concetti has supplied four complete lines the packaging of that high quality plastics granules. The Italian manufacturer makes multifunctional weighing, filling, closing, palletising systems for packing plastic granules in bags. 

Roberto Borgarelli (on the left side in the picture), General Manager at Concetti, has received the supplier plant award during the inauguration ceremony at Gimcheon, Corea.

Concetti is proud to have contributed to this effort with its packaging and palletising technology.