Industry 4.0 - Concetti launch new data acquisition software

software jpgBASTIA UMBRA, ITALY - Improving productivity by monitoring the complete system in a facility will be easier in future, thanks to an innovative software solution that Concetti of Bastia Umbra, Italy - a provider of weighing, bagging and palletising systems - has implemented on one of its most popular machines, the Form, fill & seal for chemical granules.

This solution, for a smarter “Industry 4.0” factory, offers management the possibility to supervise and review runs of historical data, by checking the production trends and performance of the bagging machine. This powerful solution is helping to reduce plant shutdown times and increase competitiveness by reducing costs.

The system has been developed internally by Concetti engineers, starting with the versatile Ignition application software platform, that unifies all the major software layers in today's manufacturing facilities - SCADA, MES, HMI - into a single solution to record, monitor and analyze the data provided by Concetti equipment, divided by number of bags, production shifts, operators, time intervals, alarm history and so on.

data acquisition ConcettiMoreover, the software can acquire data from several Concetti machines, providing a complete view of the production system over time and uses analysis tools to make the process more efficient.
It is a pc panel with a touchscreen interface that combines user-friendliness and the ability to track and display data collected by management in real-time.

The Data Acquisition Software utilizes the industry's most up-to-date technologies and can be fully customized and installed on any type of machine manufactured by Concetti, providing analysis to improve resource management and plant productivity, reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

All machines made by Concetti can also be integrated, interconnected and monitored remotely. For these features, Concetti has received Bureau Veritas's "Industry 4.0 ready" attestation of conformity, for the benefits provided by the 2017 Stability Law, also known in Italy as “Industry 4.0 for packaging machines”.

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