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Keeping an eye on your production with integrated IP cameras

Concetti have successfully integrated a video monitoring system onto their bagging lines improving the operation, efficiency and troubleshooting capabilities.

By installing IP cameras in key-areas of the packaging line and providing the operator's desk with a video screen, you can monitor the key functions of the bagging line without moving position. This is time saving time and increasing the operator's daily efficiency.

In addition, should you require the helping hand of a Concetti hot line engineer, you can allow us to remotely access the video system via a safe connection providing quicker and easier support for troubleshooting.


Main benefits of this system

  • Key points of the machine are under control

  • More efficient, time saving bagging line operation

  • Quicker and easier support available for troubleshooting

Technical features and operation of the system

  • The system is based on IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, comprising:
  • High Definition IP cameras

  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch for connecting and powering the IP cameras

  • NVR (Network Video Recorder)

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the main power supply of the whole camera system

  • Internet Teleservice via the normal VPN connection between the client and Concetti designed for the maximum safety, convenience and ease of use as possible.


The cameras are for Day & Night Mode, IP type with LED High Definition 1.3M Pixel 1280x960 25 fps (frames per second) with h264 data compression (superior image quality) and are connected to the POE Switch (Power Over Ethernet) via rj45 special ports and an Ethernet cable for both data transfer and power supply.

Each camera sends two data streams:

  • Primary: This data stream is what is actually recorded and can be set in various definitions depending on the data stream that you want to manage.
  • Secondary: This data stream is sent continuously at a low resolution to allow even remote viewing "configured in the camera."

The POE Switch is also connected to the Network Video Recorder and the Teleservice.

The Network Video Recorder allows for a quick system overview by the operator through a multiple frame display.

In addition, this allows continuous recording of the primary video stream sent from (up to 8) the cameras. The duration of the recorded video depends on the hard disk capacity, the number of cameras, the clip resolution etc., and once the hard disk is full, the video is overwritten.

Many settable functions optimize the video stream management, including the possibility to divide the primary video stream into clips of settable duration recorded as high resolution files. Files can be quickly searched based on the recording time.

Teleservice Enhancement
Via the safe VPN connection of the Teleservice, the Network Video Recorder is remotely accessible by "Concetti Hotline". Concetti can thus observe the line via web streaming or download selected frames for effective troubleshooting.


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