Concetti focus on cat litter packaging

Pet owners are increasingly demanding and attentive to the safety and environmental sustainability of products intended for their four-legged friends. And care doesn’t stop with nutrition; it concerns all types of products, including cat litter.

Concetti, manufacturer of packaging systems for bulk materials since 1975, understands these needs well and offers litter manufacturers the versatility, speed and quality of its extensive range for filling open mouth bags. Fully automatic bagging machines, capable of processing a wide range of formats (5-10-12-20 litres), in paper or plastic, with or without external handles or die-cut, and with or without zip resealing, to meet the needs of a very dynamic market.

Speeds range from 1200 to 2000 bags per hour, depending on the characteristics of the product. And the automatic format change in about 60 seconds allows the manufacturer to combine versatility and high productivity, with a keen eye on ease of use, accessibility of the system and customization.

The aim is to obtain geometrically perfect bags with high quality welding, because packaging is a determining factor in the sales process. Whether it is agglomerating, absorbent, vegetable, biodegradable, or silica gel bedding, the packaging, together with the quality of the product, influence the buyer’s choices. An attractive package from the aesthetic point of view combined with practicality of use, greatly increases the impact of the product on the shelf and its perceived value.