Innovative pet food bagging line

Concetti SpA, Italy's leading supplier of bag filling systems, has enhanced its reputation for cutting edge equipment by supplying an innovative version of their twin spout IPF 40 to Ga Petfood Partners, a British manufacturer of premiumquality pet food.

Flexibility, seal appearance and integrity were crucial factors for this customer. 

The new line is the world's first dry pet food filling line to incorporate an inline bag inspection system and seal verification.

Concetti IPF40 quality seal inspectionThe IPF handles a wide range of sizes from 500g to 5kg using pre-made gusseted paper and PE/Aluminium foil bags, with or without handles and resealable zips, and pouches at speeds up to 1800 bags/hr. Packs vary in width from 140-300mm and in length 270-600mm. 

The heat-sealing line position relative to the bag top is programme adjustable. To ensure 100% seal integrity, preserving quality and shelf life, a thermal high-definition camera is incorporated. Proprietary software and infrared technology detect poor or potentially faulty packs by comparing each seal against the known standard for each bag type. Imperfect seals are rejected automatically.

Two steered beam laser marking systems immediately after the empty bag magazines apply batch codes or other markings with virtually no font, code or graphic restrictions, to the empty rather than the filled bags, ensuring the highest quality printing. Cameras verify the bags in the magazine match the selected programme, if not the bag is rejected.

The IPF 40 comes with servomotor control of most parameters for rapid changeover, usually under 90 seconds. Quick release sealing jaws allow units for different bag widths to be swapped easily when necessary. Plug and socket connections with built-in recognition check jaws match the selected programme. The machine was supplied predisposed to permit a double seal in future if required.

Drop through metal detectors were supplied and diverters allow residual end-of-batch product to be recovered without needing to be packed. 

Once again Concetti demonstrate not just the product range and willingness to embrace new ideas, but also the engineering competence to integrate devices and complex solutions that match individual customers distinct needs.

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