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automatic bag filling machine

Automatic bag filling and sealing machine by Concetti


We put our passion to develop a wide range of high quality automatic bag filling and sealing machines for the international market. We provide complete machinery for filling and closing which are reliable, durable, and technologically superior to standard machines.

When it comes to optimizing the production process focusing on packaging quality and end product preservation, Concetti automatic bagging machines are a guarantee.

The main automatic bagging machines include:

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Our line of automatic bag filling and sealing machine

Concetti designs and manufactures automatic bagging machines for multiple applications for industries that are searching for a high level of technological efficiency and a guaranteed optimization of cost and production time.

Our offer includes a comprehensive line of solutions that meet the Industry 4.0 requirements. As a matter of fact, Concetti not only has the goal to operate with one single technology to increase productivity, but also would like to reduce technical issues for its clients.


IPF automatic bag filling machine




IPF is an automated bag filling and sealing system specifically designed to fill and close small open-mouth and gusseted bags from 0.1 to 5 kg. It is multifaceted and it can work with:

  • gusseted bags;
  • paper bags;
  • coated paper bags;
  • aluminum bags.

This bag filling machine handles changes automatically through the PLC interface in about 90 seconds total. It can process up to 2000 bags/hour.

Furthermore, IPF meets stringent EC regulations standards in terms of safety.


Starpack® packing machine




STARPACK® is a fully automatic high speed weighing, filling and sealing machine, suitable for both preformed bags, and bags made from a reel stock of tubular PE film. 

Thanks to its compact design, it can be easily installed in any operating environment, also with limited space to cover. 

It is perfect for PP-woven bags and can be coupled with net weighers using gravity feed systems.


IMF bag filling system




IMF is a high performance bag filling machine with two filling spouts and multiple heat-sealing devices. This solution features a double net weigher with a belt and vibration feeding. 

Due to its adaptable system, IMF is the perfect choice if you need to work with many different materials and a wide range of sizes. 

In addition, it is equipped with a patented device for sealing a top zipper onto the filled bag. It can turn an ordinary PE bag into a resealable package.


Six Station FFS bag filling machine Continua




Over the past few years, Concetti has enabled a number of clients to pass from pre-made valve bags to PE bags. This has been feasible thanks to a tubular reel adopting thesix station FFS bag filling and sealing machine Continua. 

In this way, it is possible to prevent batches from leaking and make the operator's working environment dust-free and healthier, while ensuring a nice pillow-shaped bag and stable pallets.

Last but not least, this innovative system is made to automatically expel any residual product into a small hopper and guarantee a deep cleaning at every use.

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The automatic bag filling and sealing machine technology 

Concetti’s innovative machines allow an automated, fast production process without stops for any format change. All our automatic bag filling and sealing machines can be set up via PLC interface and provide a high level of safety. 

Here are the advantages in choosing a Concetti automatic bag filling and closing machine:

  • Automated format changeover in just 60 seconds;
  • Simplified human-machine interaction via PLC;
  • High safety standards: machines are equipped with inspection doors and safe start-up mechanisms;
  • High performance even with products that are difficult to scale and package;
  • Numerous optional systems such as labelers, deaeration probes, vibration systems, and so on;
  • Use of stainless steel for parts in contact with aggressive materials and the possibility of making the machinery completely made of stainless steel, in case of aggressive products (salt, fertilizers).


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Why install an automatic bag filling machine

Installing an automatic bagging machine has multiple advantages. It is undoubtedly a winning choice if you want to improve production efficiency as it will improve the work quality of your operators while significantly reducing their workload.

Compared to traditional manual machinery, Concetti’s automatic bagging machines are more advanced, thanks to a number of technological tools and devices which make these solutions versatile, self-adjustable, accurate and efficient. 

In addition, they are safer as for the quality of the final product and the operator’s working conditions. In fact, all Concetti automatic bag filling and sealing machines are designed and manufactured to be compliant with the current safety standards and current regulations.


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