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Bagging machine suppliers: Concetti proposals

Bagging machine suppliers: Concetti proposals


Concetti is one of the best bagging machine suppliers in the world thanks to the flexibility and customization of its bag filling and closing machines. In this article we are deeply analyzing the features of all the models of the range.

Reliable and safe, Concetti bagging machines are essential for many industries. Whether it's sugar, animal feed, building products, milk powder or plastic granules, every company must meet its raw material production and handling needs with an industrial bagging machine. That's why Concetti, as a bagging machine supplier, manufactures machines directly starting from the customer's requirements, in order to satisfy the customer at best and with a quality product.

Concetti professional bagging machines and in general, the offer of Concetti is divided into three main categories:

  • Form, fill and seal baggers: Continua, Continua Six Stations, FFS-E;
  • Open-mouth bagging machines: IPF, IMF, IGF, Starpack, IGF Pura, Bag Placer, IGF Manual;
  • Bulk bag filling systems;

Let’s see the details of these professional bagging machines. 


Form, fill and seal baggers suppliers

Concetti deals with the design, production and installation of horizontal form fill and seal baggers made from tubular polyethylene reels. 


bagging machine suppliersContinua 

Concetti designs and suppliers the form, fill and bagging machine Continua. It has three operating stations: one to form the bottom of the bag and cut the film to the desired length, the second one for filling and the third one for sealing the upper bag edge.



Continua Six Station FFS machine

Continua six station FFS system is specifically designed for handling fine premix and pure cement into PE bags. This bagging machine allows hermetically sealed square bags, compact, obtained from a standard PE reel, without micro-perforation for ventilation.


automatic bagging machine suppliersFFS-E

As a supplier of FFS-E bagging machines, Concetti offers the most advanced solutions on the market. The FFS-E bagging machine is designed for forming, filling and sealing products. It can reach very high capacity outputs, over 2000 bags/hour, according to the product characteristics.This bagging machine is suitable for packing free flowing products and is equipped with three operating stations.


Open-mouth bagging machines suppliers

Open-mouth bagging machines are fully automated and flexible systems to fill and seal various pre-made open-mouth bags. 


packing machine suppliers

IPF Automatic Bagging Machine

IPF Automatic Bagging Machine is designed specifically to fill and close small open-mouth and gusseted bags (pet food, cat litter, etc). Its particularly compact size means that the machine can be installed in any existing production area


bagging machineIMF Bagging System

IMF bagging system is Concetti's fully automatic bagging system, with two bagging spouts, up to 1800 bags/hour, designed specifically to fill and close medium open-mouth and gusseted bags. It is designed specifically to fill and close medium open-mouth and gusseted bags.




Hygienic, ergonomic and easy to clean, IGF is Concetti's automatic bagging machine for all types of free-flowing and semi-free-flowing granular products (feed, seed, pelleted, etc.), which achieves a throughput of 1,200 bags/hour and processes a bag range from 10 to 50 kg.



bagging machine manufacturerStarpack Packing Machine

The STARPACK® is a high speed automatic machine designed for handling bulk products, granules and fine granules into open-mouth bags. It is designed for high hourly production needs.


bag placer

Bag Placer

IGF bag placer is suitable for handling free flowing bulk products (feed, seed, chemicals, grain, whole food, etc) into open mouth bags. It can reach speeds up 600 bags per hour, from 15 to 100 lbs and handle many bag types - paper, porous and non porous polywoven, polyethylene - and different sizes.



Bulk bag filling systems suppliers

Concetti is a supplier of automatic and semi-automatic bulk bag filling machines. Those are top quality solutions for every product type: powders, pellets, chemicals and cement products.


Net weighing systems

Net weighing machines by Concetti are simple and versatile, filling not only FIBCs of various sizes (heights of 900 to 1800 mm) but also boxes or other types of containers (octabins). The plant can be completed with a pallet-evacuation roller conveyor and an automatic empty-pallet magazine.



Gross weighing systems

The hydraulically driven vertical movement of the gross weighing system’s frame makes it possible to handle different types of FIBC formats without any difficulty, thereby guaranteeing great versatility (FIBCs ranging in size from 900 to 1800 mm).



Concetti bagging machines’ advantages

Concetti is a supplier of Made in Italy bagging machines, using top quality materials and relying on the skills and experience of experienced engineers and technicians. Efficiency of the machines and safety of the operators are always at the first place.

Each customer has the possibility to test the machines directly in the Italian headquarters of the company with their own products and bags. Only after the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), the machines are shipped and assembled in the United States in the customers' companies.

Concetti remains at the side of its customers throughout the life cycle of the machinery, thanks to the new Check services, Customer Help Care Kit for field and remote assistance. In addition to a series of digital services (customer portal, Check app, smart glass assistance, etc.), our customers can rely on the direct support of local service centers (Braselton, GA - US) with teams of technical experts who, upon request, can go directly to the site. In addition, there is an appreciated training service for the customer's staff for a correct use of the machines. 


Concetti, one of the best bagging machine suppliers in the world, can help you renovate your lines.

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