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Automatic Bag Filling Machines: Explore Our Solutions


Internationally renowned as a leader in designing and manufacturing superior automatic bag filling machines, Concetti is the ideal partner for your packaging activity. 



Thanks to our advanced systems, products are seamlessly filled and sealed, enhancing the overall productivity rate of your plant. 

Consequently, opting for a highly performing and efficient automated machinery will take your workflow to the next level and ensure impeccable packing results. 

Here, you will take a closer look at:


IMF ālĕs: The New Automatic Bag Filling Machine by Concetti

Concetti’s latest innovation gives a nod at the pet food industry. The IMF ālės automatic bag filling machine has been developed for high-volume packaging applications, and it is the epitome of speed and efficiency. This model has a production rate up to 2,000 bags per hour (33 BPM), accommodating bag sizes from 6.6 up to 44 lbs.

Crafted selecting top-ties materials and engineered for extended production cycles, this automatic bag filling machine is the swiftest on the market, guaranteeing a 1-minute bag size changeover. As a result, the system is versatile and does not require manual intervention, with a subsequent production process streamline and enhanced scalability

Thanks to an advanced bag closure technology, pet food can be bagged in various formats (including eco-friendly and recyclable packaging) while maintaining its natural freshness. Sustainability is at the heart of IMF ālės as it is equipped with brushless motors, that trim energy consumption as the automated machine handles both product and packaging flawlessly.


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Choose The Concetti’s Open-Mouth Automatic Bag Filling Machines

Concetti is specialized in automatic bag filling machines capable of dealing with different formats of pre-made open-mouth bags. These systems can easily be installed in any productive setting. Thanks to their groundbreaking mechatronic configuration, they execute all types of operations automatically, showcasing exceptional reliability when it comes to filling operations of bulk products

Among the Concetti models, three automatic bag filling machines stand out for their features.


This is the ultimate piece of equipment if you are interested in filling small open-mouth bags. Its compactness and versatility make it perfect for business that have to deal with various packing materials, including PE, paper and aluminum. The IPF automatic bag filling machine can deal with heat sealing as well as pinch-top closures, displaying a 60-second, PLC-driven format change.




The IGF machine is the perfect model for managing flat or gusseted bags comprised in a range between 5 and 110 lbs. The utmost filling precision is ensured by gravity, belt, or screw-feed weighing options. The operational efficiency and adaptability of this model is emphasized by its ability of supporting several bag-closing processing. For further safety, the IGF automatic bag filling machine is compliant with the ATEX strict guidelines and the Industry 4.0 requirements, establishing a new golden standard for innovation and productivity. 




Integrated with net weigher for a more demanding output, the STARPACK® automatic bag filling machine responds to the specific needs of the market. With a monobloc structure with stainless steel components and an effective dust collection system, this is the ideal solution for those companies looking for a high-performance machinery guaranteeing superior safety and hygiene features. This model can integrate in intensive and ATEX-classified industrial contexts.




Entrust Concetti With Your Next Automatic Bag Filling Machine Project

Concetti is a trustworthy, strategic partner for your next automatic bag filling machine. With a whole range of FFS and open-mouth bag solutions, you have the opportunity to work alongside our skilled experts in order to select the most suitable automatic bag filling machine for your needs

Our turnkey solutions will surprise you with:

  • their seamless integration with other plant devices 
  • their level of customization 
  • the accuracy of every detail 
  • the broad range of systems available.

Every project is a mission and every mission has an intrinsic value as it allows us to grow. This is why we want to follow clients closely in their unique journey towards packaging automation, and assist them even after the installation with a consistent on-site and remote Customer Service to solve any troubleshooting issue that may arise, minimizing downtime. 

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