The Concetti Group features several brilliant solutions for bagging flour, keeping an attentive eye on the bag stability and adding the possibility of an hermetic closure to avoid any leakage or breach in the bag top edges that would cause contamination.

Dust-free product feeding and filling.
This fundamental ingredient of our everyday life is usually fed by the special Concetti Group augers to our weighers (Net/C or Gross/C according to the requested capacity). Our augers can be single or double, are perfect to reduce the quantity of air and are easily dismountable for an easier cleaning.
The product moves to our IGF automatic bagger class, especially fitted to work flat and gusseted pre-made bags made of paper or cloth.
During the filling process, we insert one or several de-aeration probes inside the bag to eliminate the air, making the bag more stable and compact and reducing drastically the presence of powder in the bagging zone. The Concetti Group equipment for flour is subject to a special "food finishing" painting cycle.

Airtight bag closure
Along with the traditional sewing closure, this bagging machine offers the possibility of closing the paper bags by the "pinch top" system, ensuring the bags hermetic closure and eliminating the risks of any contamination, both during the bagging and the storage process (occurring sometimes with valve bag installations), and giving to the full bags a nicely squared and geometric shape.

Fully automatic handling of cloth bags
The range of bag materials and size that can be worked with Concetti's IGF is remarkable: paper, glossy paper, paper with inside PE-layer, polyethylene, PET and woven polypropylene, from 5 to 50 kg, not to mention the possibility of including more than one closing technique in the same bagging line, but the real extraordinary feature of these Concetti machines is the filling of cloth bags - perfect for flour- in 45 and 50 kg, closed by stitching at a rate of 300 bags/hour.

High-speed solution
Regarding the conditioning of flour, the Concetti Group technology also gives to its Clients the possibility of using a six-station Carousel, a completely automatic bagging device fit to work the same bag types and sizes as the IGF but reaching higher capacities thanks to the double auger-fed net weigher (2Net/CC) and the special vibrating devices applied on each of the six filling station that allow to avoid the use of air-evacuation probes.

Given the very good distribution of the product in the bags, thanks to the Concetti Group vibration and air-evacuation devices, the bags filled with flour can be palletised by means of our PS/AA high-push-type level palletisers, or the robot palletiser class PS-3A, a very complete and innovative machine capable of reaching very high speed and rotating the bags thanks to its clamp to overlap the bags top, providing thus several palletising and layer possibilities thanks to a very accurate manipulation of the full bag and complete with the special pallet compaction devices.

Bagging machine with pinch closing
Bagging machine with pinch closing

Bagging machine with pinch closing
Insaccatrice automatica per sacchi pinch