Form Fill Seal Machines for Wood Pellets

The wood pellet bagging machines made in Italy by Concetti group are Form-Fill-Seal (FFS-E) baggers using a tubular PE reel and provide technologically advanced solutions for bagging and palletizing biomass fuels, through the implementation of automatic packaging lines and systems tailored to customer needs.

The main advantages of Form Fill Seal Baggers:
  • very high capacity outputs, over 1800 bags/hour
  • Safe, stable, reliable and above all fast
  • monobloc with easy access for cleaning & inspection
  • clean workplace free of spillage
Packaging lines for wood pellets can comprise of one or more Form-Fill- Seal baggers from a tubular PE reel combined with multibag pick & place or conventional layer palletizers, depending on the space available and the requests of the customer.

The FFS-E is equipped with three operating stations: one for the bag bottom formation and the film cutting based on the desired bag length, the second for the filling cycle and the third for bag top sealing. A corner-welding feature produces bags that are squarer, better for palletizing and more capacious.

The Concetti company has already supplied wood pellet machines in Italy and abroad.

Form fill seal machine for pellet