Cereals and Seeds

The Concetti technology guarantees absolute reliability and flexibility when it comes to grains, seeds and cereals: these products are mostly bagged in paper or woven polypropylene bags, flat or gusseted, their size ranging from a minimum of 6-7 to a maximum of 25-30 kg.

The Concetti completely automatic systems guarantee a top-level weighing accuracy thanks to the gravity or belt feeding system; the (net) weighers normally featured for this family of product can be self-cleaning or easily cleanable, according to the Client necessities.

A special mention has to be made for the Concetti IGF bagging machines, a class that has been upgraded and refined during forty years of international success, representing an authentic example of solidity, versatility and durable quality and guaranteeing a production capacity of 600-1200 bags/hour according to the products density, flowability and specific gravity.

Once the bags have been filled and closed, normally by sewing, they are conveyed to the palletising installation: considering the products and bags in question, the most popular choice would be a four-column palletiser, capable of performing the bags overlapping and the lateral and upper compaction of the layers, in order to produce a perfectly squared pallet.

For these products, Concetti has served numerous Clients with effective gravity- or belt-fed big bag installations as well, fitted with a gross- or net-weigher according to the requested capacity.

Groups renowned all over the world like Monsanto, Pioneer, Aveve, Syngenta, RWA appear amongst the hundreds of Clients who have chosen the Concetti packaging lines and confirmed their trust towards our Company over the years, benefiting by our customized solutions to achieve a complete exploitation of their production potential and optimize their human resources.


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