Animal Feed

If there’s a “traditional” product in the long and successful history of the Concetti Group, that is certainly animal feed; as a matter of fact, our packaging lines have accompanied the growth and development of this production field in our area first, then in Italy and nowadays in the whole world, improving and upgrading our bagging lines and always keeping quality as our travel companion.

Literally hundreds of Clients, from multi-national groups to family-based companies, have entrusted Concetti to automatise and optimise their bagging process though the years, often  improving their market position thanks to Concetti reliable and practically everlasting technology.

Pellets, mash, bran, granules, flakes, crushed, this product in all its forms is dosed by our belt-fed weighers, Gross/N or Net/N depending on the requested capacity and then bagged through our completely automatic  IGF bagging machine, capable of working with paper, woven polypropylene and PE bags ranging from 5 to 50 kg and reaching a capacity up to 1200 bags/hour. With animal feed, the usual closing system will be sewing.

For the Clients who need to bag animal feed in polyethylene bags, the Concetti Group offer is really expansive: they can be easily bagged with the above-mentioned IGF  ( pre-made), but we can also suggest our FFS Continua bagging machine class, offering higher capacities and visibility of the product inside the bag along with all the advantages of the traditional animal feed bagging (the product “breathing” is ensured by the reel gussets micro-perforation, in this case the closing system would be heat-sealing).

When it comes to the palletising process, the Concetti Group offers a really wide choice depending on the layer and the pallet height that the Clients want to obtain: our PS/AA high-push-type level palletisers, complete with the special pallet compaction devices  or the robot palletiser class PS-3A, a very complete and innovative machine capable of reaching very high speed and rotating the bags thanks to its clamp to overlap the bags top, providing thus several palletising and layer possibilities thanks to a very accurate manipulation of the full bag.

Choosing a Concetti Group complete line for animal feed will allow you to obtain the most from your processing plant and to reduce to the very minimum Your staff physical effort and stress, making You sleep tight for…30 years.

Ensacheuse automatique
Ensacheuse automatique

Ensacheuse automatique
Linea de ensacado
sistema di palettizzazione con robot antropomorfo
Vollautomatische Absackanlage