Milk powder

Concetti Group, the (milky) way to quality.
A complete, brilliantly accessorised packaging line, featured for the Milk Products LLc in Chilton, WI, makes a complex production process look easy.

The Concetti Group renowned excellence is once again testified by this complete packaging line for calf and lamb milk powder, not exactly an easy product per se when it comes to weighing, filing and palletising, that becomes even more complicated when, as in this case, it is blended with additives, vitamins, proteins etc., providing as a final result a series of thirteen different products that can all be worked, and one should add without any special concern, by our automatic packaging line. The screw fed NET/C net weigher guarantees a capacity of 400 bags per hour for 25 and 50libre bags, with the possibility to work 40 and 44libre bags too and to take out a sample of product that’s being worked (and to put it into a small dedicated bag) thanks to a sampling device fitted into the load hopper. The screw is inclined and equipped with a at top case, four inspection doors and hookup devices to facilitate the cleaning operations. Before the bag is filled by the Concetti Group IGF 900 automatic bagging machine, featured in stainless steel for the parts in contact with the product, it is possible to apply a self adhesive label on the empty bag.

A very special application, specifically developed for this packaging line, is the one designed to insert a dosing cup into every bag, for the user to mix the product with other components and know its exact quantity: the cups are placed at the bottom of the bag before the product is discharged and the bag is closed (heat sealing of the internal liner and sewing with crepe paper for paper bags with PE in liner and heat sealing for PE bags), then the bag is reverted so the end user finds the cup on top when he/she opens it; during the stitching, a ticket with the batch and product basic information is applied on the bag top.

The packaging process is brilliantly completed by the Concetti Group four column PS-3A/10S-4S robot palletiser, equipped with a special gripping device that allows a lateral and upper compaction. Before being disposed and placed on the pallets, the bags pass through a metal detector, a check weigher and, if they’re contaminated or beyond the desired weighment range, are expelled by the main conveying pathway by a bag-rejecting system.