The automatic packaging lines created by Concetti for bagging sugar give a perfect example of the Company’s technological versatility and constant research of new and more effective solutions.

White or brown, bagged in paper, woven polypropylene, PE or big bags, this product has been successfully treated by our Company since the 80s, following the packaging evolution and helping Concetti to give a display of its technical excellence both using open-mouth pre-made bags and the FFS-bags obtained from a tubular reel.

In all Concetti systems for sugar, either open-mouth or FFS-bagging machine, all parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel; our gravity-fed net weighers guarantee, along with our usual accuracy, a remarkable velocity with all bagging versions.

The IGF for sugar has been chosen by several industrial groups in Continental and Eastern Europe (Danisco, Prodimex etc.), offering them the possibility to fill several sizes of paper bags (with and without gussets) and woven polypropylene bags, reaching up to a 1200 bags/hour capacity. With these bag types the most typical closing system is sewing.

The results obtained with the application for sugar of the Concetti CONTINUA FFS-machine are outstanding, both concerning the production capacity (1700 bags/hour) and the bags compactness and stability; the Clients who have opted for this innovative
packaging system (the Amalgamated Sugar Company, Hawaii Sugar) give glooming remarks on the Continua performances, its easiness to be managed by the operators and the very clean work environment it guarantees. In this case, the filled PE-bags will be closed by heat-sealing.

Once the bags are filled and closed, they are conveyed to a push-type high-level palletiser, that turns out to be the ideal solution to obtain a stable and cubic-shaped pallet given the good density of sugar and the very good distribution of the product inside the bags.

The Concetti completely automatic packaging lines for sugar can be integrated with check-weighing, metal-detection and bag-rejection devices; this family of product can also be bagged in jumbo bags with our gross- or net-weight filling stations.

Continua 600
Continua 600

Continua 600
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