Retaining freshness of bagged hops

Concetti recently supplied an innovative bag filling system to Mill 95, a brand-new hops processing plant located near Wilder, Idaho, Usa. The new system will package the processed crop for transportation and use across the world.

The Concetti line is designed to work with heat sealable PE coated aluminium foil packs in 11, 22 and 44 lb sizes (5, 10 and 20 Kg) without micro perforations. Bags can be flat and pre-made with integral zipper or alternatively, created from tubular reel stock. In this respect, Mill 95 will be able to offer users a choice of having a resealable pack to help preserve freshness after first opening, or a plain bag produced on the line from a continuous reel. Both pack types will have the benefit of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to blanket the product with inert nitrogen, preserving the flavour and aroma until use. Output is up to 1000 bags per hour on the smallest pack size.

The MAP application designed by Concetti consists of the replacement of air with a single gas, like nitrogen or a mixture of gases, during the entire filling process, not only in the package itself.

The system was supplied by Concetti’s US agent, Bratney Companies and is supported in the USA by Concetti North America in Hoschton, GA and Bratney Companies with offices in Des Moines, IA and more locally to this project, Boise, ID.

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