ālĕs the new bagger for pet food

IMF ālĕs gives your production wings. Concetti has launched a new high-capacity automatic pet food bagging machine that reaches up to 1800 bags/hour (30 BPM) in the 3-20 kg (6-44 lb) range.

The new IMF ālĕs, which means “winged” and “fast” in Latin, is built with high-quality materials and components and is designed for lengthy production runs.

All the typical features of Concetti packaging machines are reconfirmed, including:

- automatic bag changeover in roughly one minute with no manual intervention by operators
- the same system versatility and great reliability, even in 24/7 production cycles.

Not to mention the high-quality sealing technology that protects the palatability of the pet food and shelf life of the product.

New to the system are countless opportunities for customization and the integration of devices, including various systems for empty bag coding and printing, packaging in a protective atmosphere or Velcro bag re-opening devices.

In the name of sustainability, the system can seal not only traditional bags but also a series of eco-friendly and recyclable packaging recently tested by Concetti.
The prevalent use of energy-efficient brushless motors reduces the overall footprint and ensures even more precise and gentle handling of the product and bags.

Moreover, IMF ālĕs features a revolutionary design providing operators with excellent visibility throughout the production cycle. The machine's internal chambers are easy to access for cleaning and maintenance, thus minimising scheduled downtime.

The new bagging machine can be completed with an automatic palletizer from the range, ideal for all customer needs and various spaces. Concetti specialises in custom turnkey solutions that include everything from product weighing systems to comprehensive pallet wrapping and protection systems. A single point of contact for the entire packaging process.

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