Bringing extreme flexibility to the milling sector

Different types of bags, both small and large, produced by a single bagging machine at the touch of a button. Concetti’s new IGF line for packaging flour brings extreme flexibility to the milling sector.

It is capable of filling open-mouth bags in a variety of formats, from 5 to 40 kg (11-88 lb), and performing a fully automatic format changeover in a matter of seconds, above all, without the need for any manual tooling. A varied and brand-new packaging range for this sector, which, when combined with the excellent versatility of the bag closing solutions, makes this bagging machine unique. The IGF also effortlessly processes practical 5-kg (11 lb) bags with handles, an aspect welcomed by customers who appreciate their ease of transport. In terms of output, the Concetti IGF produces up to 550 bags per hour with a single bagging mouth.

The IGF also features a highly accurate, accessible and easy-to-clean screw-feed weigher to avoid product waste and the risk of contamination. The variable shape bag holder, patented by Concetti, allows the machine to automatically fill bags from 5 to 40 kg (11-88 lb) without the need for manual operator intervention. Bag changeover is managed by the operator with a couple of touches on the control panel. The machine’s excellent versatility is also demonstrated by the way the paper and poly woven bags are closed with a simple sewn top, fold-over and sewn top or bags sewn with handles. The system can be completed with a palletizer from the Concetti range.

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The first model of this line has already been up and running for several months in Spain, thanks to the collaboration of Boga Tecnica. A successful installation that showcases Concetti’s expertise in packaging all kinds of flour and its ability to identify, once again, highly innovative and reliable solutions in terms of flexibility.

Concetti has been operating in the milling business since the 1980s and has installed almost 100 systems for packaging flour in twelve countries around the world.