COVID-19 Response

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Concetti and the two subsidiaries, Concetti North America and Concetti do Brasil, have been actively engaged in efforts to combine the business continuity of its customers with the health and safety protection of its employees and their families.

We have been classified as “strategic companies” for ensuring the production and supply of essential goods. We have reorganised our machine assembly work and assistance services to ensure business continuity for our customers as well as to reduce the impact of the pandemic on our businesses.


> Safety regulations in the production plant and in the offices

We apply the guidelines and regulations of the national health authorities

1. Masks and social distancing
2. Measurement of the body temperature each day upon entrance into the company premises
3. Smart working and work in the company premises are alternated in the offices
4. Social distancing is ensured in the production plant
5. The environments are sanitised at the end of each work shift

> How we meet our customers

We strictly follow the national workplace health and safety regulations

1. The entrance into the company premises of external personnel has been reduced
2. We raise awareness of the technical assistance personnel on compliance with the health
    and safety regulations of our clients’ production plants
3. We constantly monitor the health of our travelling technicians and we subject them to test swabs
4. We have increased the number of digital instruments for video-conferences

> The commitment for our people and the territory

Protecting our employees, their families and the community is a primary commitment.

1. We have insured all of our employees in case of admission to hospital
2. We continue to pay our suppliers in the terms that have been agreed upon
3. We have participated in the purchase of medical devices for the local hospital and an ozone sanitising device
    for the local headquarters of the Italian Red Cross
4. We contribute to the economic support of the most fragile families

The battle against Covid-19 requires the commitment of everyone, and we will defeat it together!

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