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what is a ffs machine

What Is an FFS Machine And How Does It Work?


A core technology for the modern packaging industry is that of Form, Fill and Seal machines. On this page, we will delve into what is an FFS machine, how it works, highlighting the technological advancements Concetti has implemented to make this equipment even more efficient. 



What Is a Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) Machine?

A Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) machine is an automated piece of equipment that can deal with three operations in one place. 

Firstly, the machinery forms the bag to prepare it to be filled with the product; then, it injects wet or dry material into the chosen package format and, ultimately, it seals the bag. The procedure is continuous and does not require human intervention, guaranteeing high productivity levels while cutting labor costs. 


Types of FFS Machines

what is a ffs machine for filling

There are three main FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) machine models available on the market, each classified based on their functionality and the types of materials they can handle.

  • The first model, FFS-E, is designed exclusively for free-flowing materials such as pellets, feed, seeds, and fertilizers.
  • The second model, FFS Continua, is suitable for moderately free-flowing, aerated, and dusty materials. It is often used in the chemical and food sectors.
  • The third model, FFS Continua 6 stations, is specialized for handling cement and very fine, aerated powders that tend to trap air.

All these machines operate horizontally, a key characteristic of HFFS (Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal) machines. These are particularly effective when bagging solid and non-flowing materials. One of the standout features of these machines is their ability to switch quickly and automatically between different sizes or formats, which helps minimize downtime. They also offer precise weighing and control over the quantity of product dispensed, which reduces waste.

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What Is The Working Principle Behind FFS Machines?

For a deeper understanding of FFS machines, it is instrumental to understand the stages that are at the heart of their working principle.

Here you can find a step-by-step overview of the functioning of an FFS packing machine

  • The machine starts by unfolding a roll of flat plastic film which is, then, sealed along the edges. Once unwound, the film is fed through the machine where it is shaped into a bag or pouch
  • During the filling process the bag remains open at the top and from there, the product is poured in. The materials may be diverse in nature, but accuracy is always paramount. Based on the product, the FFS machine has its own specific filling system
  • After the bag is filled, the open end can be closed completely using different sealing methods. The most important factor is that the package maintains its integrity, ensuring that the material inside is protected from contamination and leakage
  • Last, but not least, the continuous strip of bags might be cut into single units for distribution. 


Concetti’s FFS Machine technology

Concetti is a well renowned on a national and international level as a leading player in the design and manufacture of highly advanced FFS machines

The standout features that characterize the range of models offered by the company relies in the state-of-the-art PLCs systems that allow operators to insert precise parameters that will guide the machine throughout the whole process - from film feeding to the final sealing. This will ensure the consistency in package quality and reliability in every step. 

Technology and sustainability work synergistically in Concetti FFS machine models, as there is a constant focus on optimization and waste reduction. The equipment automatically adjusts based on the amount and type of material handled. In this way, every bag will receive just the right amount of product, minimizing downtime and ensure consistency in the entire process.

Our turnkey FFS machine solutions combine a top-tier Made in Italy craftsmanship and know-how with the most advanced technology to guarantee the quality and customization of every machinery. Our engineers design, manufacture and test every single aspect of the FFS systems to deliver an excellent and durable product that can seamlessly integrate with any existing plant while meeting the specifications of our clients.

As the green transition urges us to choose eco-compatible alternatives to plastics, Concetti has engineered its FFS range so that they can operate reducing energy consumption and accommodate recyclable and biodegradable materials, thus supporting more sustainable packaging solutions.

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