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Corn Bagging Machine: Our Solutions


Passion, research and testing: these are the phases that Concetti follows to deliver the best corn bagging machine solutions. Let’s dive into these systems to explore the variety of features that make this equipment perfect to improve the overall performance and productivity of your plant.

On this page, we will delve into: 


The IGF Automatic Corn Bagging Machine


igf corn bagging machine


If you want to enhance your packaging operations, choose Concetti’s IGF automatic corn bagging machine. This system can deal with corn, granular and dusty agricultural products

Capable of handling a production rate of up to 1,200 bags per hour, it can also deal with a variety of bag types made in paper, raffia, or plastic with different sizes and a variety of sealing, including:

  • simple sewn closing
  • stitching with the application of string 
  • stitching with applied crepe tape 
  • stitching with applied adhesive tape
  • hot-melt closing 
  • heat sealing 
  • pinch-top closing.

These solutions ensure the highest standards of food safety and prevent external contamination. The IGF automatic corn bagging machine includes automatic seed counting devices, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency in seed distribution. 


STARPACK®: The Ultimate Corn Bagging Solution by Concetti


starpack corn bagging machine


Concetti’s STARPACK® automatic corn bagging machine is a PLC-controlled system which ensure impeccable handling of granular and dusty materials. It can reach a production capacity of up to 1,600 bags per hour and it is engineered to be highly customizable.

A safe and compact monobloc structure is easy to integrate into existing operational environments. Thanks to a dust collection system, cleanliness is guaranteed and a self-adjusting bag magazine optimizes efficiency. A dearating device allows excellent food preservation.

STARPACK® also presents an automatic seed counting and a labeling device in order to apply printed labels to every bag. 


Our Corn Bagging Machines Processing

Concetti has always been committed to craft highly efficient, accurate and reliable corn bagging machines able to optimize every step of corn production.

Our automatic machinery use advanced technology in every stage of the process, from filling to sealing. 

Let’s see how each phase is handled. 

  • First, corn is weighed accurately in order to consistently fill bags with minimal waste. 
  • Thanks to an automated bag feeding mechanism, the product is inserted into the bags
  • Once the bag is fully filled, it is time for sealing. This operation is fundamental to preserve corn during storage and transportation.


Are you interested in learning more about our corn bagging machines processing? 

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