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Horizontal FFS Machine: Our Range of Solutions


Concetti has always had a unique standpoint in catering to the needs of the market and transforming them into groundbreaking Form, Fill and Seal equipment. Our horizontal FFS machines represent the golden standard for the whole sector, reaching new heights of technology.

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An Overview of the Horizontal FFS Machines by Concetti

Concetti is renowned worldwide for its horizontal FFS machines. These solutions are designed to elevate the packaging process to a new level of efficiency and versatility. Each model of our line-up is equipped with state-of-the-art technology which is capable to improve your production rate while integrating seamlessly with the other devices of your plant. 

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horizontal ffs e model


Concetti FFS-E has achieved new heights of automation. It has been specifically tailored for handling granular free-flowing materials, such as: polymers, fertilizers, soda ash, resins, rubber, and salt.

This horizontal FFS machine is capable of forming, filling and sealing 2,000 bags per hour and features both net and gross weigh systems. Its structure is made of stainless steel, allowing easy maintenance and daily cleaning operations, while protecting the device from corrosive agents. 

This model also supports recyclable and sustainable FFS films, in accordance with modern environmental standards.


Horizontal FFS Continua Machine


horizontal ffs continua machine


In the Concetti line-up, the horizontal FFS Continua machine is the most versatile system. Engineered to deal with a variety of materials, including non free-flowing, aerated products, fluids and corrosive agents, this is the ideal choice for those businesses that are looking for a comprehensive solution. This piece of industrial equipment masters forming, filling, and sealing operations with thermal plastic tubular bags

The production rate of FFS Continua reaches up to 1,600 bags per hour. Automatic format changes can be performed in just 60 seconds, reducing the operators’ strain as they do not have to manually change the bag during the process and making it even swifter. 

However, efficiency is not the only feature of this horizontal machine. The integration of an advanced net/gross weigh systems ensures the accuracy of every process. Furthermore, this turnkey solution also features end-of-line equipment, including finished pallet stretch wrapping and hooding.

The horizontal FFS Continua machine has pushed the boundaries of modern technology, providing a new dynamic to the whole packaging production. 


Six Stations FFS Machine


horizontal ffs machine continua six stations


The Six Stations FFS horizontal machine by Concetti is perfect for heavy-duty industrial backgrounds where it is necessary to manage non-free flowing products (like cement and concrete mix). An air cleaning system effectively prevents product interference, ensuring impeccable sealing. 

This model can reach a rate of 800 bags per hour. It also incorporates deaeration probes to make the product more compact within the bag, reducing the size of the bag and the amount of material used. The special dust-tight filling spout and bag holder prevent spillage in order to maintain the work area clean. For an enhanced stability, there is a top air removal station.


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Why Our Horizontal FFS Machine Range Is the Right Solution for Your Business

Our range of horizontal FFS machines are the perfect solution for those who want to implement automated devices and enhance the overall efficiency of packaging procedures. 

Concetti not only provides turnkey solutions, but is always looking for new ways to improve existing technology to reduce waste as well as downtime. This is a sign of our commitment towards green innovation and sustainability which, nowadays, are becoming increasingly important.

Our on-site and remote assistance service in the US is essential to solve any technical issue that may rise, guaranteeing excellent maintenance and support at any time. This means that we can come to visit your factory and help you to deal with troubleshooting.


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