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Powder packaging: how it works and which are the best solutions


Are you a producer of powdered products and want to find out which is the best method to package them? Read our tips and learn how packaging is done using our packing machines.

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How the powder packaging process occurs

At Concetti, we follow rigorous steps throughout the entire powder packaging process in order to maintain the characteristics of each product unaltered. 

Here you can find an extensive explanation of each stage of the process to better understand how it occurs and how our machines work. 

  • First, our laboratories conduct a thorough examination of the product's characteristics and behavior to identify the most appropriate solution that achieves the target productivity rate and precise results.
  • Next, we start the setup of the chosen powder packaging machine.Throughout this stage, we engage in close collaboration with our clients to understand their specific requirements and provide a tailor-made solution.
  • Prior to the actual packing of powdery substances, it is crucial to ensure accuracy in measurements and consistency in each fill operation. That's why the machine's calibration is essential, establishing parameters such as weight and volume to guarantee the proper quantity of product is allocated into each package. A potential issue can be product waste. Thus, during this phase, we implement measures to preempt this problem. 
  • Once all these checks have been made, the procedure can actually begin. The machine automatically loads the powder into its hopper or feeding system. If necessary, modifications to the quantity, the temperature of sealing, and labeling can be made in accordance with the desired final packaging. Concetti will be by your side every step of the way to help you find the right calibration. 
  • As the automated packaging process begins, the machine starts to dispense the correct amount of powder, filling each bag properly, sealing it, and applying labels as specified earlier on. 


Exploring the importance of quality control measures in the powder packaging process 

Preserving the product integrity is crucial when it comes to powder packaging. For this reason, Concetti monitors each of its machinery to ensure the utmost quality to every customer. These checks are fundamental to protect the product from contaminations and, thus, guarantee its safety. 

Seal integrity, correct labeling, and the adherence to weight specifications are also scrutinized, as they are crucial to convey the right information to consumers and be compliant with the industry standards.


FFS Continua: Concetti system for powder packaging process

ffs continua powder packaging


The FFS Continua machine by Concetti has been precisely designed for the packaging and weighing of powder products. It can handle up to 800 bags/hour based on the unique properties of the product that needs to be bagged. 

It features three separate operational stations to:

  1. form the bag’s bottom and slice the film to a certain length
  2. fill the bag
  3. seal the bag’s top edge. 

A PLC system controls the powder filling operation and the parameters to carry it out. As a result, the process becomes quicker.The efficiency of the whole packaging process is achieved thanks to actuators which are built into the machinery. FFS Continua presents a series of inspection access points which guarantees the utmost safety of the operators. 

Concetti is not just committed to innovation, but has its eyes pointed at the future. This is why studying new and exclusive advancements mechanical-wise and electronic-wise enhances our powder packaging solutions, allowing us to meet the highest standards required by the market in order to be competitive and on-point. 


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Concetti US: one of the leading industry for powder packaging

Since the 1970s, we have been trying to provide you with the most advanced and sustainable solutions for powder packaging with passion and an undivided attention to every little detail. 

Our goal is to overcome daily challenges in terms of productivity in order to make your business flourish. 

At Concetti, we’re dedicated to transforming your activity, taking it to the next level with our reliable solutions to achieve high-speed packaging rates and, thus, enhanced productivity.


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