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Milk powder packaging machine: automated models by Concetti

Milk powder packaging machine: automated models by Concetti


Milk powder is not an easy product when it comes to weighing, filling, and palletizing. It becomes even more complicated when it is blended with additives, vitamins, proteins, etc. Let’s discover more about milk powder packing and packaging machines. 

In this article, we will deepen: 


How do you package powdered milk?

Bagging powdered milk typically involves the use of specialized milk powder packaging machines, designed to efficiently measure, fill, seal, and palletize bags with powdered milk. Here’s how a powdered milk packing machine works:

  • Samples preliminary analysis: in our in-house laboratory, we analyze the characteristics and behavior of the products and materials to be bagged, to determine which is the best technical solution to achieve the desired productivity. We guarantee certain, and error-free results.
  • Setting up the milk powder packaging machine: Concetti works closely with you in order to properly customize and set up the milk powder packaging machine depending on your needs. 
  • Calibrate the machine: it's crucial to calibrate the machine before starting to use it to ensure accurate measurements and consistent filling. This step may involve adjusting the settings, such as the weight or volume of powdered milk to be dispensed into each package. We ensure the maximum level of accuracy to avoid product waste.
  • Load the powdered milk: automatically, the machine loads the powdered milk into its hopper or feeding system. 
  • Adjust the packaging parameters: Use the machine's panel to set the desired packaging parameters, such as the fill volume, sealing temperature, and labeling options. These parameters may vary depending on the type and size of bags you're using. Concetti can suggest you the best calibration.
  • Start the packaging process: the milk powder packaging machine starts the automated packaging process. It will measure the appropriate amount of powdered milk, fill each package, seal it, and potentially apply labels or additional packaging features as specified.
  • Quality control checks: periodically inspect a sample of packaged powdered milk to ensure it meets the desired standards. This can include verifying the weight or volume of the product, checking for proper sealing, and assessing overall package integrity.

By utilizing a milk powder packaging machine, you can streamline the packaging process, enhance efficiency, and maintain consistent packaging quality for powdered milk products.

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Weighing powder milk: NET/C net weigher

What weighing system is the most suitable for milk powder? Concetti suggests the NET/C screw feed weigher machine before packaging the product. This feeding mechanism is ideal for very powdery and fluidized products since the screws are contained in a fully enclosed housing that prevents any dust from escaping into the surrounding work area. It is equipped with a screw feeder, which ensures a capacity of 900 bags per hour for 25 and 50 kg (55 and 110 lbs) bags.

milk powder packing machine

The inclined screw is equipped with a top case, four inspection doors, and hookup devices to facilitate cleaning operations. Prior to being filled by the stainless steel Concetti IGF Pura milk powder packing machine, which comes into contact with the product, an adhesive label can be applied to the empty bag.


Milk powder bagging process with IGF PURA automatic packaging machine

milk powder packing machine concetti

IGF PURA, Concetti's fully automatic bagging machine, can package food powders (including milk) in industrial bags of 5-50 kg (11-110 lbs) with a productivity of up to 750 bags per hour. Concetti has redesigned this milk powder packaging machine following the latest international guidelines on food hygiene for machinery. From construction materials to complete plant accessibility, including a series of precautions to avoid product retention areas, everything is designed to safeguard powder milk integrity. In fact, safety is paramount when it comes to products intended for human use, not only for milk powders but also for flour, dairy products, food additives, spices, yeast, and starches, but high hygiene standards are also increasingly demanded in animal nutrition, starting from the feed additives sector.

To carry out this delicate task, IGF PURA is equipped with an integrated scale with a double screw feeding system, designed to accurately and precisely dose the powders:

  1. The system is completely accessible, thanks to a series of removable doors;
  2. Can be automatically cleaned through a combination of blowing nozzles and reversible screw motion;
  3. For even more thorough cleaning, the screw can be completely removed.


Palletizing system: four-column robot palletizer

milk powder packaging machine concetti

The packaging procedure is flawlessly concluded by the Concetti four-column robot palletizer, which is fitted with a unique gripping mechanism enabling both lateral and upper compression. Prior to being arranged and positioned on pallets, the bags undergo a thorough inspection process consisting of metal detection and weight verification. In the event that any bags are found to be contaminated or outside the desired weight range, they are efficiently expelled from the main conveyor system by a bag-rejection mechanism.

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