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Grain bag filling machine

Grain bag filling machine: IGF, Big Bag and Scales


A grain bag filling machine requires speed, weighing accuracy and cleanliness. This is why Concetti offers highly technological, flexible and accurate grain- and seed-specific bagging machines.


Bagging grain: precision and reliability

Cereals are usually packed in paper, poly woven (raffia), plastic bags of various sizes (from 7 kg to 25-30 kg). The most common bulk bags are 500 or 1000 kg with four handles in most markets.

To bag these products requires special care and precision in weighing and cleaning. When it comes to food products, hygiene comes first.

Concetti has designed and manufactured hundreds of durable automatic grain bag filling machines worldwide, with bagging scales designed to avoid product retention and to be easily cleaned.

With Concetti, you have the possibility of integrating the best bag closure technologies on the market: sewing, folding and stitching, special seams, or welding, differentiated by reliability. A properly closed bag avoids loss or product’s deterioration and complaints from customers.

To meet the numerous food safety, labeling and traceability needs in the agri-food sector, Concetti includes in its grain bag filling machine the most innovative devices for printing, marking, labeling and coding packaging, to guarantee high standards of operation.

The long life of our systems is a safe and profitable investment.

Whether the job involves long production runs with standard products or small batches with frequent bag size changes, Concetti has the right solution for your needs.


Grain bag filling: Concetti machines

STARPACK automatic grain bag filling machine

grain bagging machine

The STARPACK® bagging machine is designed by Concetti for the companies that need to maintain a high production level. It can reach up to 1,600 bags per hour.

This grain bag filling machine is equipped with a monobloc structure with safety doors: a compact, safe and versatile machine that you can insert in diverse realities. It can process different types of bags and it can be integrated with different feeding systems scales: gravity, belt, screw.

Excellent for bagging grain and seed,the Concetti Starpack® is the very latest ultra high-speed machine, capable of handling up to 1,600 bags/hr with 25-50 Kg bags and a choice of closure systems. The format-change operations can be handled in an extremely short amount of time, without any operator intervention thanks to actuators and the supervision operations performed by the PLC.

STARPACK® is also equipped with bag-storage trolleys with two compartments to hold the piles of empty bags. When the pile runs out, the second one is moved forward to the work position and the machine can quickly resume operations, without any operator intervention or downtime.


IGF grain bag filling machine

IGF grain and cereals bagging machine

The IGF automatic bagging machine allows the filling and closing of preformed open-mouth bags made mainly of paper raffia, polypropylene and PE (polyethylene).

With a production capacity of up to 1,200 bags per hour, depending on product density, fluidity and specific weight, it is a very versatile grain bag filling machine, perfectly capable of processing bags from 5 to 50 kg, and supporting different bag closing methods.

Concetti gives you the possibility to integrate the best closing technologies on the market: sewing, folding and stitching, special seams, or welding, differentiated by reliability. A properly closed bag avoids product’s loss or deterioration and complaints from end customers.

The automatic bag changeover in about 60 seconds, without manual operator intervention, switches from one production lot to another very easily. 

The IGF automatic bagging machine can be combined with gross or net weight weighing systems and customized with different feeding systems to meet your own production needs.


Big bag grain bag filling machine

big bag grain bag filling machine

With speeds of up to 40 big bags per hour and the possibility of stacking up to 3 big bags, Concetti grain bagging machines are high quality machines. 

The grain big bag filling machine includes weighing systems for net or gross weight, and makes the operator's job much easier due to their automatic technology. The system is simply managed by an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


NET/G and NET/N net weight scales

The Concetti machines' quality and reliability has its maximum expression in the net weight weighing systems for grains and seeds.

The NET/G and NET/N scales guarantee total precision and accuracy, as well as easy handling and maintenance.

Again, there is no shortage of customization possibilities: depending on the customer's needs, they can be made with systems designed to avoid product retention and can always be cleaned very easily.


Grain bag filling machines: the advantages to choose Concetti

Concetti bag filling and grain weighing systems are manufactured in Italy and comply with the highest safety standard in the US.

Plus, all customers can check and test the machine with their own products in Concetti's Italian headquarters. An absolute guarantee of attention, quality and service.

The machines will then be shipped to the US and assembled at the customer's company.

Concetti's customer service offers a complete and 24/7 service. The customer's operators are trained to manage the machines, and can rely on effective and fast remote assistance. 

If required, a team of specialized technicians in the US can come directly to the customer's site.


Are you looking for a grain and seed bagging machine that guarantees maximum productivity? 

Choose Concetti: contact us to receive a customized quote



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