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Automatic depalletizer: the new system by Concetti


A motor-driven, automatic depalletizer is essential in a fully automated production line. In this article you will discover the new system by Concetti and how it works.

Automatic depalletizer machines proceed, in a fully automated way, to unload products from pallets. They are a very useful tool as they greatly reduce the operator's workload, and speed up tasks. Our depalletizers are suitable for Europallets and recognize the different product configurations that may be on a pallet.


How an automatic depalletizer works

The automatic depalletizer can be placed at the beginning or end of a production line to separate products from the pallet. Products can be processed in different formats: bags, boxes and bag-in-box. The pick-up of the filled bags occurs directly from the pallet, according to the given scheme, to be programmed in compliance with the configuration of the pallet to be depalletized. The bag taken is placed over a product collecting hopper, equipped with toothed blades, to cut the bag so that the content flows out smoothly, which ensures the complete emptying. Eventually, the bag is laid on a conveyor belt or into a collection and compacting container. From here the bulk product can be conveyed to other machines or the end of the line. 

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Concetti’s automatic depalletizer

Concetti’s newest automatic depalletizer is a robot arm palletizer equipped with a suction gripping head that can pick up bags up to 25kg. Our full range can cover precision palletizing of bagged products according to your needs. Our depalletizer will help you process bagged products reliably and smoothly. The two-column machine stands out in particular for its flexibility when changing products. With its adjustable and motorized push off frame, the depalletizer can be individually adapted to your needs. 



The fully automatic layer allows you to change and reconfigure products during production. You will also benefit from flexibility in planning palletizing tasks due to accurate layer compensation. Concetti’s automatic depalletizing system works from two service rollers conveyor and gantry-type system for boxes, bags and bag-in-box with euro-6 pallet dispenser and empty pallet feeder. It depalletizes and palletizes up to 600 bundles per hour (6 boxes per bundle). You will also reduce spare parts costs in the long run due to the reduced number of parts. The line can be integrated with conveyors to stow and move the pallets.


The advantages of our automatic depalletizer

Our line of automatic palletizers offers several advantages, optimizing time and costs on your production lines:

  • Flexibility: the automatic depalletizer of the Concepts line picks up numerous types of bags with different characteristics
  • Customization: the line can be integrated with other machinery, such as roller conveyors to stow and handle pallets
  • Speed of depalletizing operations, relieving operators from manual tasks
  • Reduction of operators' work
  • Safety: compliance with safety regulations.


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