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25kg milk powders bagging machine

Powder food bagging machine for flours and powder milk


Concetti provides automatic bagging machines for different food sectors, including powdered food production and low density powders. Specifically, these powdered foods require the highest care in packaging - to avoid contamination - and storage in the warehouse and on the shelf. 

Bagging machines for different food sectors

Concetti food bagging machine is designed to best handle the specifics of individual products. Concetti is a member of the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) foundation, an authoritative source for guidelines in the field of hygienic engineering and design and committed to the issues of food quality and safety.

Typically, the bagging machine model used for different foods is the IGF automatic bagging machine, a multifunction bagging system for filling open-mouth bags of different materials and sizes and with numerous bag closing modes supported.

The top model is the IGF PURA hygienic bagging machine, expressly dedicated to packaging food powders such as supplements, additives, sports foods, dairy products, starches and yeasts, etc.: high-value-added products that require state-of-the-art packaging. 


Food flours bagging system

The IGF-PT bagging machine from the Concetti range is best suited for processing flour. It has a Pinch-Top hermetic closure system, thanks to which product pollution and contamination can be prevented, and is suitable for sacks from 5 to 50 kilograms.

The flour packaging system processes prefabricated bags made of paper, coated paper, paper with inner liner, PE, PET, woven poly bags. It is also possible to combine multiple closing systems in the same line, such as plain sewing, with folding, with application of crepe or adhesive paper, and sealing.

The IGF-PT flour bagging system is complemented by a net weight scale fed by an inclined auger, which minimizes the amount of residual air inside the product. The probe device for deaerating the product already discharged into the bag is able to reduce the volume of product inside the bag before it is finally closed. All parts in contact with the product, coated with food-grade paint, can be easily reached and inspected for thorough and quick cleaning at the same time.


Dust-free product

To ensure the best result, during the filling process Concetti inserts one or several deaeration probes inside the bag to eliminate the air, making the bag more stable and compact and reducing drastically the presence of powder in the bagging zone. The Concetti Group equipment for flour is subject to a special "food finishing" painting cycle. In addition, our flour sack packaging machine can close the paper sacks with the "pinch top" system, ensuring that the sacks are hermetically sealed and eliminating the risks of contamination, both during the bagging and storage process (which sometimes occur with valve sack installations), and giving the filled sacks a well-squared, geometric shape.


25-50 kg milk powder bagging machine



Weighing, bagging and palletizing milk powder are not easy processes. That is why Concetti has developed a complete line of 25 kg milk powder bagging machines dedicated precisely to this type of product. The process becomes even more complicated when the milk is mixed with additives, vitamins, proteins, etc., providing as the end result thirteen different products that can all be processed by our automatic packaging line.

The single auger net weight scale that is part of the milk powder bagging machine provides a capacity of 400 bags per hour for 10 and 25 kg packages, and taking a sample of the product that is being processed (and putting it in a small dedicated bag) thanks to a sampling device installed in the loading hopper.

The auger is inclined and is "open-top," with four inspection doors and connecting devices to facilitate cleaning operations. A self-adhesive label can be applied to the empty bag before the bag is filled by Concetti's IGF 900 automatic bagging machine, which is made of stainless steel in the parts in contact with the product.

A very interesting application, specially developed for this packaging line, is one designed to insert a doser in each bag that allows the product to be mixed with other components and know the exact amount. The packaging process is completed by Concetti with a four-column palletizing robot, equipped with a special gripping device that allows side and top compaction.


Bagging machine for low density powders

Concetti also provides bagging machines for light bulk density powders. In the past, these low-density powders were packed in paper bags with valves. Concepts offers the FFS Continua tubular bagging machine that automatically forms, fills, and seals 5- to 50-kilogram bags, made from a reel of plastic film, of different types. The bag is moisture-resistant, compact and clean, and is 100% recyclable. This makes it possible to optimize the shape and size of the bag, thus producing dramatic improvements in the entire logistics chain and attractive cost savings.


Concetti innovative service 

With over 40 years of experience, Concetti can develop and implement innovative solutions that improve business productivity while carrying forward the values of reliability and excellence. We directly follow all project development stages, from the beginning to product customization, providing customers with a complete turnkey service. 

Concetti's customers can count on solid, durable and capable machines and a range of services made available to them such as:

  • Customization of machines;
  • FAT with the customer in Italy;
  • Staff training;
  • Always-on service line;
  • Team of specialized technicians on site.

Strict adherence to the highest quality standards has enabled the company to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001:2018 quality certification. Concetti can design and manufacture its plants with ATEX certification.

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