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Cartesian palletizer: the whole range by Concetti

Cartesian palletizer: the whole range by Concetti


Cartesian palletizers stand out for their high reliability, precision, and level of customization. Let’s see all their characteristics and Concetti’s whole range.

Cartesian palletizers are used when high working speed and positioning accuracy are needed. They are simple, reliable, and flexible systems that require minimal overall volume and are suitable for the most diverse types of products. On this page, we will focus on:


What is a Cartesian palletizer

A palletizer is an automated machine. More commonly, it refers to a robot designed to stack bags of products on a pallet. The Cartesian palletizer robot is responsible for moving the load and arranging the packages into the pallet, freeing the operator from heavy, non-value-added tasks.

It is a type of machine equipped with a gripper or an arm capable of moving vertically, horizontally and diagonally, as well as rotating on itself. These wide mobilization possibilities are a real advantage in terms of palletizer flexibility and bag handling efficiency. 


Concetti's Cartesian palletizers 

Concetti's range includes several Cartesian palletizers: specifically, these are automatic machines that guarantee flexible, safe and efficient operation. Let's discover them:


Four-column palletizer



The four-column robot is one of Concetti’s Cartesian palletizers. It consists of a pincer that moves along three Cartesian axes as it rotates around its vertical axis. This allows the easier handling of the bags – even if they are not completely filled or contain aerated or powdery material – and guarantee outstanding flexibility.

The frame slides vertically on the structure with a built-in gripper, a roller conveyor feeding the bags, and two sliding hatches that act as a platform. First, the gripper takes one bag at a time from the conveyor on the rollers. Then, it deposits the bag on the platform at the exact point indicated by the operator through the palletizing software. When the bag is loaded, the gripper returns to its starting position and the process repeats.

The bags can also be partially overlapped, thus giving good stability and shape to the pallet, regardless of their shape and type (valve, open-mouth, paper, raffia, PE, etc.), how full they are or the type of material they contain. Once a layer is completed, it is compacted on all four sides and the hatches open to unload the layer onto the forming pallet.

After this operation, the frame is lifted by the thickness of the layer and the hatches close again to palletize the next layer. Eventually, the frame descends slightly to press the top surface of the newly transferred layer onto the pallet. Completed pallets are removed from the evacuation roller conveyor and transferred to the finished pallet parking roller conveyor.

The operator can change programs automatically within seconds, guided by the PLC and actuators installed on the machine. 


Gantry palletizer



In the range of Cartesian palletizers, the Gantry robot is the most compact model designed specifically for confined spaces.

It has a compact and strong structure and a robotic arm designed to integrate of different gripping devices. The Gantry Cartesian palletizing system allows the handling of many types of bags. The bag gripping system’s action on the four Cartesian axes allows fast stacking of pallets while maintaining maximum precision and repeatability of movements..

The operating cycle begins when the vertical gripper comes down to pick up the bag from the infeed roller conveyor and then gets into the pallet loading position. The gripping device, rotating on its vertical axis, opens and accurately positions the bag on the pallet – according to the programmed layer formation. Then, the gripping device moves back to pick up and place the next bag..

The Gantry Cartesian palletizing system has a PLC-controlled management system: by means of special programs, it is possible to execute practically any palletizing pattern. 

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When to use a Cartesian palletizer 

The Cartesian palletizer is the recommended choice in many industries that want to optimize their processes. Specifically, adopting this robotic technology is the best decision when:

  • There is little space available: they are machines with reduced dimensions
  • You need to handle different types of bags
  • You want to obtain a stable load with accurate geometry: thanks to the possibility to rotate around itself, the palletizer arm can optimally position even bags that are not completely full.

bag palletizer cartesian type

Four-column Cartesian palletizer


Why choose Concetti Cartesian palletizers

Concetti's Cartesian palletizers are highly advanced machines, easily managed by an operator through a PLC. Here are some of the advantages of adopting Concetti’s Cartesian palletizer:

  • Reduce damages – Cartesian palletizing consistently provides the accurate positioning of the product on the pallet, thus reducing product damage during shipping and limiting the risk that it loses its position during transportation and storage.

  • Replace labor – Labor is no longer required except to fill interleaves and pallets when they’re used. This virtually eliminates the risk of injury due to repetitive moving and lifting.

  • Customization – Each customer can obtain a customized palletizer based on their own production needs, with the possibility to get complete turnkey automatic lines.

  • Safety – All palletizers are manufactured in compliance with the current safety regulations (for Brazil, refer to safety regulation NR12).


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