Zip Applicator

Among the latest developments is one that will be of interest to users looking to reduce the cost of packaging while increasing flexibility.

Concetti can now offer its customers a patented, integrated, on-line reclosable zip applicator for ordinary plastic bags without the need to buy expensive pre-formed zip bags.

Concetti have patented this device, which forms a zip closure from a reel, places the zipper and seals it into the bag mouth.

It is programmable so the zipper can be applied or not depending on the user's requirements.

Concetti's new system turns plain, pre-formed plastic bags into zip reclosable bags at the touch of a button.

The feature should give a rapid payback for the end user and reduce packaging costs significantly over the long term.

This zip applicator can also be added to Concetti's Continua™ Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) machines that produce bags from tubular reel stock.

The tubular reel is the lowest cost form of bag making and gives extremely long production runs between reel changes.

Another advance for the Continua™ FFS machines allows quad seal or stabile bags to be produced from simple, tubular gusseted reel stock.

Together these systems provide the FFS packaging operation with virtually the complete range of bags from the same low cost tubular PE film。

Bags from IGF IMF
Bags from IGF IMF

Bags from IGF IMF
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