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In the range of robot palletising systems manufactured by the Concetti Group, the gantry style robot palletising system PS-4A/10SP is the most compact model designed specially for confined spaces.

Characterised by a strong and compact structure and with a robot arm specially designed for the integration off differing gripping devices, the gantry robot palletising system PS-4A/10SP allows the handling of many types of sack, box, tray or bundles.
The action of the bag gripping system on the four Cartesian axes, allows the pallet stacking in a short time maintaining the highest precision and repeatability of movements.

Operating cycle:
The vertical gripper descends until reaching the required height to pick up the bag from the infeed roller conveyor; then travels to the pallet loading location.
The gripping device, rotating on its vertical axis, opens and accurately places the bag onto the pallet in accordance with the programmed layer formation.
The gripper then cycles to pick and place the next bag.
Because the bags can be placed in any position on the pallet, it is possible to create overlap, providing excellent stability and geometry to the palletised load, regardless of the bags shape and type (valve, open-mouth , paper, raffia, PE, etc..)
The finished pallets are removed by the exit roller conveyor, transferred and accumulated for take away by fork lift truck.

The gantry robot palletising system PS-4A/10SP has a PLC controlled management system; through special programs it is possible to run virtually any palletising scheme. The pallet format and program change is very user friendly and can be obtained automatically very quickly.
The gantry robot palletising system PS-4A/10SP can be equipped with a variety of options such as automatic empty pallets magazine, exit and accumulation roller conveyors for finished pallets.

The gantry robot palletising system PS-4A/10S is equipped with all the safety devices in accordance with the current EC regulations.

Gantry type palletiser
Gantry type palletiser

Gantry type palletiser


Maximum speed 1200 s/h
Workable bag weights up to 30 kg
Minimum pallet dimensions 800 x 1200 mm
Maximum pallet dimensions 1100 x 1400 mm
Maximum palletized load height 2000 mm, including pallet height
Maximum full pallet weight 1500 kg
Operating system PLC
Power supply 220/380 V - 50 Hz


  • Automatic empty-pallet magazine
  • Full-pallet evacuation roller conveyor
  • Cardboard or plastic sheet placer on empty pallet.