FFS Forza

Specifically conceived for the petrochemical industry, the new FFS Forza can achieve a filling rate of 2.600, 25 kg bags/hour with a single bagging spout.

Main advantages

This engineering jewel is the crown in the range of form-fill-seal machines manufactured by Concetti and is designed to combine the advantages of:

  • Top performance rates
  • Reduced air consumption and operating noise
  • Easier maintenance and use by the customer.

How it works

The machine cycle develops across four stations: bag forming by cutting the polyethylene film tube and heat-sealing the bottom, bag bottom cooling, bag filling and closing by heat sealing the bag mouth.

All the bag transfers are made with a pendulum system to provide a smoother action and increase the protection of mechanical moving parts. Mechanical cams driven by a brushless servomotor control the arm movements: this solution guarantees maximum accuracy, greater performance and harmonization of operations according to the speed selected as well as reduced maintenance.

Easy use and maintenance

Particular emphasis has been placed on making the system easy for the operator to use. There are fewer parameters in the software and a reduced number of possible adjustments.

This newly conceived packaging system is also designed to optimise maintenance time and costs, thanks to the following technical features:

  • Maximum accessibility to all parts requiring maintenance or cleaning.
  • Interchangeability of components and groups.
  • Reduction of mechanical adjustments
  • Highest quality components available in the market
  • HMI by wide colour touch screen, particularly easy to navigate.
  • All the different functions can be driven by manual controls on the panel, allowing easy inspection.
  • Three different password levels to restrict access to the different panel functions.
FFS Forza 2600
FFS Forza 2600

FFS Forza 2600

Technical Data

Production (bags /hr) up to 2600 bags/hr
Weight 5000 Kg
Rell Ø max 1500 mm
Bag weight max 50 Kg
Bag length min 400 max 900
Bag width min 40 max 90 mm
Gusset depth min 260 max 480
Film thickness 95—220 µ
PLC Siemens S7 300
Operator interface Siemens MP 277
Motors and Reduction gears SEW/Siemens
Power supply | Installed power 380 V 50 Hz | 35 kw
Compressed air consumption 195 Nl/Cycle
Pneumatic components Festo
Protection degree IP 55
Electrical components Telemecanique /Siemens

  • Bag corners sealing ("K" sealing) to improve the bags shape, enhance pallet security and aesthetics as well as to help total emptying of the bag.
  • Electric reel lifting device to load the reel without the use of additional lifting devices.
  • Gussets forming system to use flat (i.e. ungusseted) reel of tubular film and yet get square gusseted bags. A flat reel contains up to three times as much bags than a gusseted film so savings in reel change downtime and storage costs are evident.
  • Micro-perforation unit for venting the tubular film to eliminate air from bag.
  • Probe device to eliminate air between the product and the sealed mouth of the bag.
  • Device to clean the upper bag edges, with a dust hood for powdery products.

  • Possibility of making the handle during the bag-forming phase.
  • Printing of alphanumeric characters on one or both sides of the tubular plastic reel

  • Machine traverse device to work with several feed outlets (silos) and work with different products
  • Epoxy painting of the structure

  • Construction of the entire machine in stainless steel
  • IP 65 protection

NOTE: The information listed in the chart is strictly indicative and will depend on the specific features of each machine.