Bags De-Palletizing Systems

The line of de-palletizing systems is based on an anthropomorphic robot equipped with an innovative in-taking gripping head, able to pick up bags up to 25 kg.

The withdrawal of the filled bags occurs directly from the pallet, according to the given scheme, to be programmed in compliance with the configuration of the pallet to be de-palletized.

The bag picked up is placed over a product collecting hopper, equipped with toothed blades, to cut the bag so that the content flows out smoothly, which ensure the complete emptying.

The empty bag is laid on an evacuation conveyor belt or into a collection and compacting container.

The line can be integrated with conveyors to stow and move the pallets.

Portal Palletizing system

In the range of the robotic palletizing systems manufactured by the CONCETTI Group, the PS-4A/10SP gantry robot palletizing system is the most compact four columns model with the most reduced amount of space, therefore suitable for the installation even where it is relatively narrow.

Depallettizzatore Automatico Per Sacchi
Depallettizzatore Automatico Per Sacchi

Depallettizzatore Automatico Per Sacchi