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Learn about how FFS technology can be used to optimize the packaging of aerated powders.

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>>What do we learn from presentation?

  1. Packaging of free-flowing, aerated powders can be difficult, dirty, inefficient, and hazardous, but with recent developments in FFS (Form, Fill, and Seal) bagging system technologies, it does not have to be that way.

  2. It all starts with the bag. Advances in polyethylene (PE) bags with a microperforated labyrinth channel, which allows air to escape and prevents air & moisture from entering. In addition to this, PE bags are also tear resistant limiting product loss while also providing a clean attractive look for the end customer.

  3. To realize these benefits, Concetti has developed a series of FFS lines like the Continua-6 with six linear stations. Each stage is carefully optimized for bag forming, accurate filling, de-aeration, conditioning, bag top air evacuation, and sealing.

  4. All these operations result in a line that can maintain a high production rate with minimal dust & waste, while producing clean, compacted, and stable bags perfectly shaped for palletizing.

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