Double feed weighers

The double-feed weighers have been specially designed for particular situations in which the same weigher must handle different products that cannot be cross-contaminated or must work with products that have very different types of flow and thus cannot be handled using a single feed system.
Any two feed systems can be combined on the same weigher.

The double-feed weighers manufactured by the Concetti Group permit excellent weighing precision thanks to all the mechanical features that have been adopted and the high-tech electronic control system that has been developed.
A control display dedicated to the weigher makes it possible to view the weighments and permits online adjustment of the weigher parameters. The control electronics of the weigher can memorize up to 32 programs dedicated to different products that can be handled.
As a result, the product change operations can be handled rapidly and when the system is part of a complete installation, this feature enables connection to other machines downstream as well as self-adjustments guided by the PLC.
The double-feed weighers manufactured by the Concetti Group comply with EC safety standards

Double feed weighers
Double feed weighers

Double feed weighers


TECHNICAL DATA Gross weighers  Net weighers
Weighing range From 5 to 50 kg  From 5 to 50 kg
Rate Depending on the type of product handled:
Up to 300 weighments/hour
Depending on the type of product handled:
Up to 1500 weighments/h with gravity-feed systems
Up to 900 weighments/h with belt-feed systems
Up to 700 weighments/h with screw-feed systems

NOTE: The information listed in the chart is strictly indicative and will depend on the specific features of each machine. 

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